So a few years back i found myself going to an indian flick at an artsy theatre in berkely.  I was starving and lucky for me there was one of those fast food indian joints right down the block.  Being the crafty girl that i am i got a box to go, hid it discreetly in my ginourmous bag and snuck it as well as myself into the theatre.  The loud sounds and flashing lights of the previews were the perfect cover for opening my soda pop and box full of yummy chana bhatura and samosas.  The opening scenes rolled just as the aromas of my delicious food started to waft into the air … i saw people look around and knew they were thinking  WHAT?!?!? has smellavision finally become reality?!?! Sitting in that theatre, listening to the sights and sounds of my people while chompin away at some damm flavorful food made me realize how much tastes and smells influence an artful experience.  That moment was the birth of my quest to become the ultimate food pairer (well not really but it sounds cute right?!?!) In the words of a lil maya with each event i do i try to create an audible tasting of sorts, a food that flows with the art, music and vibration of the event activiating all the senses to bring into being a truly whole experience.

————– Food Vending ————

We love our community! We love Imix … the dopest bookstore in LA, with amazing reads for adults and kids, awesome events and great workshops this spot is definitely one of the must go to places in the Citay of Angels! That being said as with many independently run community oriented stores Imix needs our support! Come out to this rad event (and yes, i said rad … whatcha gonna do bout it?!?!) and munch on some vegan goodness (Lea will be servin up her amazing papas con pasillas dish with rice and peruvian beans and I’ll be bringing the sweets) rock out to the sounds of Rocky Rivera, 2Mex, Mystic the Boogaloo Asassins and much much more!!! A part of Comida y Culturas proceeds will be donated to Imix 🙂

Sunny Sunday afternoons … sippin on a beer, listening to the amazing sounds of Afta-1, Grainshifter and One Name.  Chillin with the fam bam, munchin on Falafel wraps.  Can life get any better? (you know the answer to that) Valentines day is to be spent with loved ones and there ain’t no better place in LA this year to do just that! Verdugo Bar : 2.14.10.


Ahhhhh V-day!!! We are thrilled to be a part of Self Help Graphics to Love & Die in East LA event … spread the  love, surround yourself with amazing folks, dope artists and booty shakin music … not to mention the to-die-for food.  2.13.10. This is the place to be.  We will be making our traditional arroz, frijoles and papas con chiles and will definitely have plenty of cookies on hand but in honor of this special day we will be making a Two-for-One cake … Chocolate and Rose flourless cake … gentlemen, kill two birds with one stone and hook your hunny bunnies up with a slice of this deliciousness … they will love you forever and ever and ever and ….


Conscious Hip Hop (Bocafloja, Cambio, DJ Ethos), amazing artists (Timoi), dope vendors and some really awesome folks surrounded us at this event at Mi Alma Gallery in Silverlake. We prepared Arroz, Frijoles de Olla and an amazing Papas con Chiles dish along with vegan tamales and cookies of course! Note: Did you know that chili’s are good for ur circulation? Well now you do! Check out the flicks from this event on ReMezcla website! We got two whole flicks all to ourselves … cause were soo special 😛


We were blessed to be a part of Tropico de Nopal’s Stand with Haiti Event.  Surrounded by amazing musicians  and poets, drinks and lovely folks together our community raised nearly $2,000 for Partners in Health and organization that is doing some amazing work in Haiti.  In honor of this beautiful country we served Red beans and Rice, Platanos, Poisson (Fish Stew) and had Ti Malice on the side. Hot Chocolate cookies were in effect and we debuted (ssshhh don’t tell anyone i had to look up the past tense of debut :P) a new cookie that got rave reviews … introducing Cardamom, Pistachio and Rose cookies.


We were at A Higher Ground Sunday 12.13.09.  With DJ’s Santana and SP from TruthSeekers Radio, DJ A-Ski, Rani D, Plush One and Residents Grain and Marquest this is trully gonna be a lovely Sunday Afternoon.  We will also have Alfie Numeric in the House blessing us with live art and a showcase.  We keept up with all the spicyness around us by making Chana Masala, Aloo Palak, Rice & Naan with some Double Chocolate Chip and Chili cookies for desert.  Lets keep our ears and tummies warm together!


Light NightsThat being said, I'm looking forward to this Sunday's super special event

We celebrated 50 years of the brazilian 1959 classic, “Black Orpheus” at the Downtown Independent Theatre.  I’ve prepared a meal that is an audible tasting of sorts, a food that flows with the capoiera, afro-brazilian music and healing vibration of this event.   Take a peek at the menu:

Brazilian Vegetable Feijoada (Black Bean and Sweet Potato Stew), Garlic Rice and Platanos Fritos

just a lil something to sooth the soul 😀


... Light..Love..Sounds...

offering a special experience
built on the foundation of collective upliftment
and celebrating life…a group of people
who are aligned on this vision…infusing the space
with intentions of the highest form…sounds to light the
ears…indian food to warm the soul …we’re all connected, we just don’t know it yet.. Chana Masala & Aloo Palak … Rice & Naan … Double Chocolate Chip Chili Cookies

Bowls of Curry and Rice/Naan – $3.00

Combo Plate (2 curries & 1 side) – $5.00

A lil o everything – $6.00

Double Chocolate & Chili Cookies – $1.00

Curry Choices: Chana Masala & Aloo Palak


... Sunny Sundays on the Patio ...

A fundraiser to help with the production cost of the Calavera Fashion Show & Walking Altars at Tropico de Nopal. This was the sixth year that this event took place and the tenth year that they celebrate Dia de Los Muertos at the gallery.
Continuing the tradition of one of the most unique and beautiful events in Los Angeles. Sun + Cumbia + Sangria + Latin Flavors Frijoles Negro, Arroz, Tacos, Pescado

Plate of Cuban Black Beans, Rice and Potato Tacos – $5.00

Plate of Cuban Black Beans, Rice and Cajun Spiced Talapia $7.00

Tamales (Queso con Rajas or Vegan Cuban Black Bean) – $2.00

…all served with avacado salsa and chipotle salsa…

Double Chocolate & Chili Cookies – $1.00

————– Catering ————

Chana Masala – $35

Aloo Palak – $35

Rice – $10

Naan – $20

Harrira (Morrocon Stew) – $40

Spiced Edamame – $25.00

Asparagus with Wasabi Aioli – $40.00

Vegetarian Spring Rolls with Dipping Sauce – $50.00

Crab and Green Onion Stuffed Wonton Cups – $60.00

Chicken Lettuce Wraps – $60.00

Beef Satay with Peanut Sauce – $60.00

Breakfast Burritos (Eggs, Beans & Cheese)  – $40.00

Hummus and Pita Tray – $25.00

Cumin Roasted Potatoes with Saffron & Garlic Aoli -$25.00

Assorted tea sandwiches Tray (PB&J, Honey & Banana)  – $25.00

Macaroni and Cheese – cost $40.00

Baked Zitti with vegetables and smoked mozzarella – cost $50.00

Double Chocolate and Chili Cookies – $25.00

Cardamom Spiced Banana Phyllo Wraps – $25.00

Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding) – $25.00

———————————– All trays serve 25 people ———————————


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