JC_IMG_3140-1I am one of the rare northern Cali girls who hearts LA.  My family hails from India via Kenya and being a good little south asian i spent many of my young years in the kitchen.  Surrounded by good food from birth (thanks mom!) i have always loved cooking, eating and learning about food.  In recent years i have developed an interest in the history of food and its cultural connection particularly in how imperialism and colonization has had an influence on cuisines of the world.  This blog is my way of exploring the amazing web of nourishment that sustains us.


9 responses to “About

  1. Oh! It’s you! This is a lovely blog! I want to eat all these things!!

  2. patricia torres

    amreen….this blog is beautiful! thank you for sharing your gifts like this 🙂

  3. amreen, it was fascinating to see that you, too had written about carnivore on your food52 profile like i did. i was overjoyed to see someone else had eaten crocodile at carnivore. best wishes for your shrimp biryani recipe.

    • ltlmscurlz

      shayama are you from nairobi? i couldn’t find your profile on the food 52 website … I wonder if carnivore is still there.

      • hi amreen, i did my secondary schooling in Nairobi- i went to Hillcrest.

        my food52 id is ‘shayma’. and yes, carnivore is still there. i recently had a little reunion with my Nairobi friends- i have written about it on my blog.

        your shrimp biryani recipe is fab.

      • ltlmscurlz

        Hey Shayma, I love your blog, you have amazing photography skills! The post on the connections with your mom is something that has been in my heart a lot lately! do you mind if i put a link to it on mine? Hope you have a beautiful day.

  4. hi amreen, i came to your blog page to say congrats, mubarik,all that wonderful stuff, re your food 52 win- only to find your message addressed to me.
    first of all, congratulations on the win, utter brilliance. hope youre happy and celebrating! your father must be proud his recipe made it into the book.

    second, thank you so much for your kind words, i shoot in natural light- that’s the only “trick”. which means i cant shoot photos of my dinner (which is when i usually cook for my husband and myself).

    i would be utterly honoured if you were to place the link re my mum on your blog, that is so very kind of you.

    my email address, btw is shayma{at} thespicespoon{dot}com (in case I dont check back here soon enough).

    again, congrats, amreen.

  5. It was nice meeting you and sharing a space across the room at the Imix fundraiser! Thanks so much for the chocolate chili cookies!!! I’ve been thinking about it since I ate it last Friday. =) They were BOMB!!!!

    • ltlmscurlz

      Cristine it was so nice sharing space with you as well! Lea has so many good things to say about you I hope we run into each other again soon! I got nothin but love for your the parks finest BBQ too … that was the shiznittt!!! And the cookie recipe is on the blog so you can have them any time your heart desires now 😀 Peace mama!

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