The Truth Behind Thanksgiving

So I was born on thanksgiving day … my mom always tells me of crisp cool air and cloudless sky’s that ushered in my birth.   My cousin was born a week before me and another family friend the day before me which meant that Thanksgiving meals in my family were always about celebrating us …   The whole pilgrims and Indians story …  not so much … thanksgiving was always about me me me!!  This year I decided to take some time and learn about the real story of thanksgiving … and it made me wanna puke!! I was born on this day, the day that honors the killing of hundreds of Native American peoples … really?!?!?  In order to restore balance to this day I wanted to shed light on the real thanksgiving … below you will find some facts about the real history of thanksgiving … or “thankstaking” as some of my friends say.  You will also find some veggie and vegan holiday recipes to soothe the soul. Give thanks family, for the beauty that surrounds us, those that have fought for us in the past and the future that we are creating.


That happy image of pilgrims and Indians sitting down to a table to share a lovely meal on Thanksgiving … its a FAKE!  The Thanksgiving we celebrate on the last Thursday of November was actually just a random date chosen by Abe Lincoln in 1863.  So where did this idea of Thanksgiving come from?!?! The first “Thanksgiving”  meal in 1621 was no fairy tale story, in actuality the Pilgrims who had a miserable crop that year invited an Indian named Massaosit to their meal.  Massaosit followed the Indian tradition of equal sharing and invited many tribe members.  Much of the food brought to that meal was provided by the Indians as they had much more of a bountiful harvest that year.  This first meal was in essence the beginning of the end.  In 1637 members of the Pequot tribe gathered to celebrate the Green Corn Festival.  700 men women and children came together to celebrate and as they were sleeping in the hours just before the sun rose the English Pilgrims surrounded and massacred all of them, shooting and beating those that confronted them and burning the rest.  The next day the Governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony declared a day of “Thanksgiving” and celebrated the killing of the Pequot Indians.  Pilgrims fed of the momentum of their victory and continued to slaughter Indian men, women and children.  A second “Thanksgiving Feast” was had after another massacre of the Pequot Indians in Stamford, Connecticut.   As history has it there were more and more Indian killings and more and more “Thanksgiving” festivals eventually culminating in the Nationwide “Thanksgiving Day” that we still celebrate.  Looks can be deceiving and words even more so, while “Thanksgiving Day” is currently a day in which we gather as families to consume massive amounts of food and watch football it was originally a day in which English colonizers celebrated the killing and eradication of Indigenous Peoples.  Take a moment to remember the real reason behind this day, remember those that were here before.  Honor the loved ones we are surrounded by and fight for a better tomorrow. 

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    Thank you so much for this article!

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