Coming to America

Picture 10Summer, summer, summertime . . . lets just sit back and unwind! And what better way to do that then at a backyard BBQ! This past Saturday was the second gathering of Comida y Cultura and in celebration of our various backgrounds the theme was a Coming to America (and yes this is one of my all time fave movies and should be urs too!) BBQ . . . meaning we had all the traditional BBQ favorites like potato salad, burgers and cobbler . . . but with a twist! On the menu at this months gathering was mango salsa, veggie skewerz, haloumi salad, curried potato salad, ceviche, falafel burgers with spicy cilantro mayo and a cardamom spiced peach crumble!.
We celebrated the beauty of Los Angeles in the summer with great peeps, amazing food, dance till u drop music (catch this summers theme song by Quantic here) and of course pitchers full of beverages!  If ur not familiar with the concept these gatherings are essentially a lab for the testing of my recipes.  IMG_3149My lab rats are mailed a recipe I created (and usually have never made before) which they then make and bring to the gathering.  Food and drink are consumed (with my fingers crossed that the food doesn’t drive anyone to the toilet or grave), conversation is had and many bad jokes are told! When bellies are full and mouths are tired we part ways.
The following day my lab rats are then surveyed for their input on the flavor and appearance of the various dishes as well as the ease with which the recipe was to follow and the cost of the dish.  This info goes into the modification of my recipes. Top this all off with a fabulous tree house and good times were had by all! (Many thanks to Talib for hosting!) So there you go, you can find all the recipes and some interesting stories from the day below.  happy reading!


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