Mango Salsa

The traditional chips and dip of the American BBQ got tossed out of the window as i opt for a much more exotic snack.  The burgeoning Chef Moises made a mango salsa for the second Comida Y Cultura that he described as a “sweet and spicy pico de gallo.” Try and use medium-ripe mangos as the consistency of these is not to firm and not to smooshy . . . in other words . . . just right!

Mango Salsa



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2 responses to “Mango Salsa

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    • Nasim

      Hi Amreen,

      When was this fantastic bbq? No wonder you are so busy! How did the cardomom spiced peach cobbler turn out? I hope we are going to get to try these in PV – will be fun going to the market and looking for local places to eat.

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