Turmoil in Taco Land Time line

Shoreline_CC_taco_truck. . . so in researching this whole taco situation i got madly confused, there apparently have been numerous attempts to outlaw our beloved tacos.  In order to make sense of things the logical teacher in me decided to make a time line!!!!! So for all those visually oriented peeps out there here you go . . . i present to you in green the Los Angeles County’s attempt to wipe away taco trucks from our land . . . and in red Los Angeles City’s same attempt.  Below both these pleasing to the eye time lines are a few links for the super sleuths out there! Enjoy!


The County Cries Foul!

—->May 15, 2008 – a county law was revised by the LA County Supervisors (namely Gloria Molina) that made it a misdemeanor for taco trucks to park in any one spot for longer than an hour.  The penalty for doing so would be a $1,000.00 fine or 6 months in jail.  This was a drastic change from a previous law that only fined loncheros $60 for parking more than an hour.

—-> Circa May 24, 2008 – the first of the loncheros was cited for not moving his truck.  La Flor de Sahuayo, from in front of his own restaurant.  Mr. Valdovino has been charged with a misdemeanor and is facing a maximum $1,000 fine and/or 6 months in jail.

—-> August 27, 2008 – Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Dennis Aichroth determined that the law passed by the county was an “arbitrary law not based on any rational intrinsic or natural basis” and overturned it.

—-> September 19, 2008 – the LA county supervisors and Gloria Molina appealed Judge Aichroths ruling.  They were again denied and decided not to pursue any further action.  Viva Los Loncheros!!!!!!!!!


Los Angeles lives for tacos!!!

—-> 2006 – Los Angeles City Council passed Municipal Code Section 80.73(b)(2)(F), stating that taco trucks otherwise known as lunch trucks or loncheros had move every 30 or 60 minutes to a distant location and not vend for 30 to 60 minutes.  The fine for breaking this law was $150.00 ticket.

—-> Beginning January 2008 – the above municipal code was aggressively enforced on our city’s taco trucks.

—-> June 5, 2009 – Students of the UCLA Law Clinic helped overturn this law that according to Lauri Gavel “the ordinance itself is invalid under the California preemption doctrine, which holds that local ordinances that conflict with the state law are void.” Viva Los Loncheros!!!!!!!!!


<——————–For the Super Sleuths ———————–>

UCLA School of Law Clinical Program

Carne Asada is Not a Crime!

La Taco

LA Times Article


While there is much debate on weather or not taco trucks are a boon or a benefit to our community I for one think there are much more important things out there to worry about! My tummy would also like to thank all those who worked hard to save our taco trucks!!! (I also secretly believe that the recent new trend for multi-ethnic taco trucks or fancy pants taco trucks could be helping the lonchero movement . . . . shhhhhh!) However and whyever it happened, I am glad they are here to stay! While i haven’t made a final verdict on weather or not to support this new mixed race taco trend, i have in the past given much thought to open up a veggie taco truck . . . which i guess would push me to the yea side of the spectrum when it comes to these new street food ventures.  The recipes below may one day appear on a corner near u in a taco truck owned by urs truly! Enjoy (preferably with a michelada in hand!!)


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