Tofu Tacos

IMG_2860In my broke college days . . . wait what am I saying . . . I’m still broke! Well back in the day this recipe was one of those concocted out of the lets see what we can do with what’s in the fridge moments.  You may be thinking what . . . curry in tacos?!?!?! But for those of you in the know, us brown folk all get along! The Indian-Mexican connection goes way back (got u curious right!!! post on this coming soon!) Go ahead . . . don’t be afraid to mix it up!




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2 responses to “Tofu Tacos

  1. looks great i love tofu.
    the combinations with Tacos is great


  2. Erika Coronado

    hmmmmmmm so good! And very easy to make. I used purple onion instead of yellow onion, and I refried the beans myself. Canned beans usually make me really gassy Mcgas gas. And when I refried the beans I used a chile serrano, so I didn’t need the Tapatio.

    Delicious!! Thanks Amreen!

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