Taco Time

Something strange is afoot in LALA land . . . the taco truck, a cornerstone of Angelino food culture has been infiltrated . . . and not by las cuckarachas either . . . by ummmm hipsters/entrepreneurs. And when I say infiltrated I don’t mean that they are

Me and the VW bus taco guy in Playa Del Carmen, Mx circa 2006!

Me and the VW bus taco guy in Playa Del Carmen, Mx circa 2006!

being frequented by “non-natives” I mean that the taco truck image has been hijacked, chopped up and mixed in with all sorts of randomness to create a new breed of taco trucks . . .  I bring u the culture clash taco trucks  . . . the now infamous koji taco truck (mex-korean) and don chow’s taco truck (mex-chinese).  I hear that some taco trucks have now been fully converted into a new species (yes i kno u cant change one species into another . . . just roll with it please), there is a BBQ truck in NY, a crepe truck in SF and I hear there is even a cupcake van here in LA! While there is much debate on the ultimate coolness of the mixed breed taco trucks, I for one refuse to take sides and in celebration of all yummy street food I dedicate this weeks posting to the LA taco truck and its recent struggles for liberation.  Our beloved taco trucks have finally won the battle for their existence!!!! They have been saved!!!! Recipes for tofu tacos, potatoe tacos, portobello mushroom tacos and sweet potatoe tacos can be found below  in order to help u celebrate this very very very exciting news!


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