Did you know?????

Well i didn’t . . . . so here are some interesting foodie/cultural facts i learned about at the last comida y cultura gathering


Algerian Sayings

in Algeria . . . if someone says “i have a dad . . .  but he died” it means u have something but don’t i.e.

pilar – i have a potatoe peeler

mouna – u brought one

pilar – no i have it at home

mouna – hahah yeah and i have a dad . . . but he died 😛

and for ur viewing pleasure . . . the above commentary in video format ————->



Interesting Tortilla Facts

so apparently tortillas take sides!!!!!

when u stuff a tortilla for tacos, enchiladas or what not be sure to stuff them with the diagonal lines on the inside!

this ensures that the tortilla doesn’t crack . . . cause nobody likes a tortilla on crack!

(oh god . . . please don’t throw tomatoes at me . . . its late!)


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One response to “Did you know?????

  1. jc

    did not know that little fact about the tortillas.. pretty cool 🙂

    the video of “i have a dad” cracked me up 😛


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