The begenning of . . . .

Lab rats unite.  Our first gathering in celebration of my recent return from paradise aka Belize was a Mexican (Belizians don’t trip) themed event appropriately timed for May day and Cinco de Mayo.  The festivities occured at our gracious host Nimat’s

The hostess with the mostess!

The hostess with the mostess!

house. On the menu was Pico de Gallo, Guacamole, Nopales, Blue Corn and Sweet Potato Tacos with Chipotle Sour Cream, Beans & Rice,  Veggie Carnitas, Tofu enchiladas, Queso y Camarones Chiles Rellenos with an Avocado Cilantro sauce & last but not least Arroz con Leche.  With Sangria, Mojitos and Agua de Melon to wash this all down there was a feast for all.  While the tummies were pleased with all this goodness the ears found love in the punta and paranda music of Belizian musicians such as Andy Palacio, Aurelio Martinez

The makings of a mojito!

The makings of a mojito!

and Paul Nabor.  We were also blessed by the presence and sounds of Maria del Pilar Diaz (check her out on her myspace can’t tell u how amazing u are girl!. For all those in attendance if u could contribute your valued opinion about the recipes and food u will be loved forever . . . which means if u don’t . . . . . . . u’ll never have my food again! I keeeed i keeeeed . . . just cut and paste this link to take this quick 5 min survey and i will luv u forever and ever and ever and ever! ———->

PS . . . . survey monkeys don’t bite . . . i swear! but howler monkeys dooooo!

So i know thinking back on the day is making u drool for some of those veggie carnitas! well lucky you . . . check out the recipes page to find the recipe for the carnitas and the nopales (with an awesome vid from pilar) ! i’ll post the rest of the recipes soon (gotta keep ya wanting more right . . . hahahaha).

Lab Rats

Lab Rats

Check the cultura y comida page for insight into random food and culture facts . . . more pics and vids.  And last but not least the cultura page has links to amazing events going on in our community!

That’s all for now folks! besos.


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